Passwords can be cracked by brute force attacks that are the most popular technique of hacking in the cyber world. In this technique, you can hit and try again and again until you reach the destination. These brute force attacks are easy to execute with the advancement of technologies. Hacking can be successful by spending a lot of time, but as a final result, you can crack passwords.

This attack hacks all personal information that includes usernames, passwords, and pins. It involves a script that uses the brute force algorithms for password cracking, and the correct combination is found.

How it works?

As the password is a combination of letters, digits and special symbols. The longer the combination of letters, the risky and challenging it is to crack the passwords. The ratio of success depends on the power of the computer, not on the number of characters. The persons who are involved in hacking use the supercomputers and guess trillions of passwords per second and find a correct combination of passwords in a blink of an eye.

Time is a very important factor in cracking the password. If the password is of 7 lowercase letters, then it can be broken within milliseconds, but if the password is of 9 letters, then it will increase the time to 5 more days. If it increases to 10 characters passwords, then time also increases to 4 months. So one should make a password of 12 characters because it will take two centuries to crack such types of passwords.

Types of Brute force attack

It is an art of guessing the combinations as much as you can. Some of its types are the following:

1.   Dictionary attack

In this attack, hackers use the dictionary where several popular passwords are present like “123456,” so a brute force will attack this password within seconds, and it is a popular attack.

2.   Reverse brute force attack

As the name reveals, it is a reverse technique to guess the correct password. In this attack, our target is not the set of passwords, but we use multiple usernames against a single password that is popular, so the brute force attackers use a username with that particular password until they accomplish their goal of finding a correct pair.

3.   Credential stuffing

The attackers of brute force only attack the username’s and password’s list from data breaches. Such incidents give an opportunity of recycling the same data that is login on popular websites.

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It is the most beneficial and famous method; it not only cracks the passwords but also used to attack for discovering the hidden pages and contents in a web application. It might take some extra time, but its success rate is very higher in getting the desired results. It can also crack or guess a password by a given hash because the hash has been generated from random passwords, and then attackers match this hash with the target hash until they find a correct one.