There are many ways to unblock the content of YouTube. YouTube is a strong ecosystem where anybody can make speech freely, and all the creators of the world are united there. There are many videos unavailable for you when you try to open them. An uncertain error has occurred because this video is unavailable in your country due to many reasons, so there is no need to yell at your screen because it is not the fault of your screen.

Main possibilities when you need to unblock YouTube


The First one is licensing. Some of the video creators disable the country to have access to the content of YouTube, but all the creators do not implement it. So you cannot see that content because it is unavailable.

Adhering to local news

The censorship of the internet varies across the globe. Many countries face oppression and have geo-restricted sites, and it is decided by the Government to block certain content in a specific region.

Regulations at schools or workplaces

In the learning age, education must be a priority, while YouTube is a distraction for students and in offices also for the employees who lose their focus and interest from work. So that is why YouTube has blocked it in those areas.

A simple guide to accessing YouTube:

There are many options to unblock YouTube content, and some of them are the following:-

1.   By using a VPN

The most convenient and secure way to unblock YouTube can be the use of a VPN. The content has been blocked by firewalls or geo-blocking technology by means of copyright laws. By using ShellVPN, you can have a high speed, and a virtual IP address has a masked encrypted connection with your device and your original IP address, and it will seem like you are accessing from a different location. You can get online security, and you can have access anonymously, and then you can easily unblock the content. VPNs can encrypt all the data over your connection so the network administrators will not be able to see that you have successfully accessed the content. We recommend ShellVPN, but you must know how to get it on your phone and then use it.

How to use Shell VPN?

You can use a VPN by following ways:

  1. You have to select a VPN provider firstly for fulfilling your requirements, such as ShellVPN.
  2. Then install the VPN application on your Android Smartphone.
  3. A server must connect the region you are trying to unblock. If you want to have access to servers at schools or workplaces, then choose a nearby location.
  4. Now you can enjoy the accessibility to unrestricted YouTube content.

2.   Modify the URL

You can have access to YouTube content by modifying the URL of the website. This trick can only available for local network firewalls, not for geo-restricted sites.

3.   By using YouTube Proxy

It is similar to a VPN but less reliable and secure. When you are set up, then you can easily access to blocked content.


These are the easiest, fastest, and secure ways to unblock YouTube blocked content. You can easily enjoy the content with high-speed connections, and it is risk-free with free 24 hours trial and with the guarantee of 30-days- money-back. ShellVPN on your android saves you a lot of trouble of going on your desktop and browser to run YouTube with proxy. That is why get the ShellVPN now and get access to YouTube content right away.