It is necessary to hide IP addresses to prevent tracking and hacking. IP stands Internet Protocol that is a string of unique numbers used for identification of your digital device by interconnecting with your device and perform all actions online. It consists of four numbers separated by periods, and the number can be from 0 to 255, which tells about the computer and host of the computer. So it is essential to hide your personal information that you do not want to share with anyone.

IP address varies from location to location and indicates your actual place that whether you are at a coffee shop or a library.

Compelling reasons

1.   Get Marketers off your trail:

The marketers have used your IP address to track your activity. You will see some ads on an unrelated site that you have viewed on another site because the internet-savvy advertisers came to know about your interest, so that is why they display the ads of your interest so you can follow and purchase. That is why you have to hide your personal information.

2.   Get past censorship:

The Government provides the internet to the citizens and censor. They also limit the content to access freely. They keep records of your activity that you perform online. The Government also checks whether you use the internet on restricted places like schools or workplaces, so when you change the IP address, you can use the internet freely.

3.   Security of WI-FI Hotspots:

Using the WI-FI hotspots are quite tricky. When you use a WI-FI hotspot, all your information passes through the VPN server before achieving the goals. You have to hide IP addresses to protect your data from hackers before reaching your final destination. Shell VPN can do that for you.

4.   Accessibility to geo-restricted content:

The movies, TV shows, games, and other programs that are not available in your country or home can be accessed by getting the foreign IP address. The best example is Netflix. Many contents are banned in your country and available in other countries if you will hide your IP address you can have access to geo-restricted content. Shell VPN can open the gates to new entertainment platforms that you always wanted to enjoy.

5.   Protection from hacking:

The numbers of social security, details of bank account, username, and passwords are the sensitive content that you provide on the internet that can be tracked by the hackers. If he gets your IP, he can get all your data through it. It can only be protected by hiding your IP address and a VPN like ShellVPN can always help with that.

Block IP address from tracking:

The most secure and easy way to hide your IP is through the use of a VPN. We always recommend ShellVPN and you can easily secure your data through it. No hacker could ever trace your personal information and could hack your accounts.


It is crucial to keep your personal information safe and ShellVPN is the best VPN to choose. Always keep your search activity private. There must be space for privacy intrusion. You can browse the internet whatever you like without hacking by hiding the IP address. It would help if you did not leave any trace on websites.