In this latest digital world, secure messaging apps should be a priority of all internet users. People can communicate with each other through smartphones. Humans depend on chatting with friends, relatives, and other people, and they also prefer chatting more than face-to-face interactions. They want assurance that their conversations remain private over the internet. They want assurance that any third person or authority cannot be able to read their private texts.

Add end to end encryption

While you are browsing through the market, you have to add the end to end encryption for making your app secure and convenient to use. If government institutions want data and history of their texts, they cannot give the records. No authority can be able to reach your communication.Through these secure messaging apps, criminals can also communicate without worrying about tracking, hacking, or any security checks, so the privacy of genuine users is maintained.

Choices of secure messaging apps

There are many secure messaging apps, and you can choose them according to your choice by considering the privacy conditions.

1.   Signal:

The signal is a messenger for secure messaging; through this app, you can get instant messages, audios, videos, files, and documents. It can be available on desktops, iPhones, and Androids. This is the most famous app, and it is also reliable and suitable for most people. The only drawback of this app is that it requires the phone number of the user.

2.   Wicker:

This app is not widely used but is the secure messaging app. It has two versionsOne is its personal use, and second use is to corporate with other things. It keeps your information confidential and can be used mostly for business purposes. It is not a good choice for daily users.

3.   iMessage:

It is the best secure messaging app for iPhone users or apple products. It has a default setting and can be controlled by the user that how long the message will store in the app, and security recommends that if you want to save data for some time, you can store it in iCloud. This app can encrypt the data and has a decryption key. If there will be any illegal obligation, then information is handed over to law enforcement agencies. You should avoid using the backup of the conversation on iCloud.

4.   Wire:

You can download this secure messaging app on your browser, which is preferred like safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. This app has less thrilling and impressive characteristics as compared to others. Users can talk to each other with or without any protocol of encryption.

5.   Telegram:

It is a user-friendly and open-source app but has not many security features. It stores the data in-app that is not recommended.

6.   WhatsApp:

It is a user-friendly app and has the latest protocols of encryption even if the hacker wants to have access then he could only reach to the last message. It is a fully secure messaging app.

7.   Facebook Messenger:

It is also a secure messaging app.


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